Code of Ethics

All members of the Chamber of Human Resources Managers of Serbia (hereinafter: the Chamber) who participate in the activities of the Chamber either as active participants, followers of events, or as partners of the Chamber should:

  • through continuous professional development raise their professional standards and competencies
  • protect confidentiality and privacy data of all members of the Chamber obtained through membership in the Chamber or through participation in the activities of the Chamber and not to use them for unauthorized purposes
  • and have a relationship with the Code of Ethics of the Chamber as something that contributes to strengthening personal reputation and professional development
  • ensure that membership in the Chamber, organs and bodies of the Chamber, will not be used for the acquisition of personal privileges and benefits
  • to refrain from public representation or acting on behalf of the Chamber except in cases when they are authorized to do so by the competent bodies of the Chamber
  • members of the Bodies and Bodies of the Chamber should also respect and adhere to the relevant provisions relating to "Interests of members of the Chamber contained in the general acts and the Statute of the Chamber"

Disciplinary procedure

Pursuant to the general acts and the Statute of the Chamber, the Director of the Chamber and members of the Board of Directors are authorized to schedule a meeting of the Ethics Committee after receiving a complaint or report on a member of the Chamber that:

  • convicted of violating any commercial, labor, or human resources laws relevant to human resource management in Serbia
  • that he was negligent in the exercise of his profession
  • that he was accused of abusing his profession
  • that he voluntarily refused or neglected to act responsibly according to the rules of the Code of the Chamber, according to the laws of the Republic of Serbia which are of key importance for human resources management, or that they acted and acted contrary to the rules given by the Board of Directors
  • that he has committed any act, deed or act that would damage the reputation and name of the Chamber

Following the report of the Ethics Committee, the Board of Directors may take certain disciplinary measures which are regulated by the Statute of the Chamber and which may include expulsion from the membership of the Chamber.

Social responsibility for developing ethical standards

In case of finding out about corruption, fraud or abuse of any kind, regardless of whether it is an individual or an organization, members of the Chamber are advised to contact the competent authorities of the Republic of Serbia such as the Agency for Protection against Corruption or the Protector of Citizens.

Objectives of the Chamber's code of ethics

The Chamber is committed to maintaining, developing and improving quality, ethics and practice in professional standards in human resource management and increasing the influence of human resource management professionals to reward individuals and organizations from the Republic of Serbia who have contributed to the development of this area of business.

The treatment of the members of the Chamber and the profession of human resources manager is completely determined by the mission of the Chamber. The Chamber's Code of Ethics was adopted for the following reasons:

  • to contribute to the profession and the community as a whole by providing general guidance towards the desired level of standards
  • to strengthen the awareness of human resource management professionals about the standard of their work in their profession
  • to strengthen the credibility and reliability of the members of the Chamber and the profession of human resources manager
  • to continuously maintain a high standard within the profession and promote good professional conduct
  • to promote ethical values that are not regulated by law and this code.

The essence of the code of ethics of the Chamber of Human Resources Managers of Serbia

Professional standards and competencies

Members of the Chamber are expected to participate in the improvement of work standards and competencies in the profession. In this regard, they should:

  • they have a good understanding of the activities of their organization and the area of industry in which it operates
  • maintain continuous efforts to acquire higher levels of competencies and knowledge of legislation relevant to human resource managers
  • to be in line with the latest trends and practices in order to provide strategic guidelines for improving the development opportunities of the organization and employees
  • demonstrate a commitment to promoting an ethical level of awareness among colleagues in the profession

Professional conduct and ethics

Each member of the Chamber should be treated as a person of integrity. Personal credibility is based on the following factors:

  • competencies
  • integrity
  • honor
  • reliability
  • objectivity
  • justice
  • honesty
  • consistency (towards all employees within organizational standards)

Responsibility and attitude towards the employer

In order to enable and help establish professional positions in human resource management with organizations, members of the Chamber should:

  • respect the ethics of their organization and to promote the values and standards of the organization as well as to monitor the application of standards in the organization
  • act as a business partner with senior executives to add value to the achievement of organizational goals
  • act as internal consultants in resolving issues related to human resource management and advise the organization on the harmonization of legal acts and social responsibility
  • to protect the confidentiality and data integrity of the organization
  • to refrain from using data in personal promotion and gaining benefits
  • to refrain from working in multiple jobs whether it is part-time work, additional engagement, or self-employment unless authorized to do so by the organization
  • to avoid conflicts of interest, organizational and personal, and where such conflicts are unavoidable, submit to the organization a report that will fairly describe the reason, scope and organizational nature of such a conflict.
  • to ensure the proper use of the organization's resources
  • protect and promote the image and values of the organization during presentations in public places, gatherings and activities

Responsibility and attitude towards employees

In order to enable and help establish professional positions of human resource managers with employees, members of the Chamber should:

  • protect the confidentiality and integrity of employee data and prevent unauthorized access
  • act as consultants on internal human resources management issues and provide honest and fair advice
  • to promote better understanding between employees and the organization through the establishment of effective communication channels
  • increase employee awareness of the importance of career and personal development programs
  • to establish a reliable and equitable system in the management of processes in human resource management

Responsibility to clients as an external consultant

When providing consulting services to the clients of the Chamber, members should provide all the necessary information in order to facilitate the clients to properly understand the decisions made. Members should provide appropriate values for their services that are in line with international standards in their relationships with their clients.

Relationship with unions

In organizations where there is a trade union organization of employees, members who represent the organization should:

  • promote organizational policy, goals and work values when participating in interviews with union representatives, and to provide a better understanding of the policy and to understand their needs for improving organizational policy
  • to cooperate in working with trade unions in the implementation of organizational policy
  • to establish effective channels of communication with union representatives
  • to have equal treatment of workers whether or not they are union members

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